About Us

Managed IT and cloud computing experts who GET YOU. UmbrellaNET solves the real IT issues in your business.

At UmbrellaNET, we provide the highest quality IT solutions to businesses like yours from our Brisbane headquarters. Led by a number of industry authority Cyber Security experts and Cloud architects, the UmbrellaNET team takes pride in providing:

  • Unparalleled customer-centric service
  • Bleeding-edge cyber security
  • Comprehensive all-service IT solutions
  • Highly competitive service pricing.

Experienced Industry Experts

Either working collectively or and individually, the UmbrellaNET team is among the very best in the industry. With over 40 years combined experience in Telecom & IT services, we're specialised in cybersecurity, sutomation, modernisation and cloud services with a cost-effective approach. We’ve done it all: we’ve prevented cyber attacks that infiltrated multinational companies and we’ve cleaned up IT issues our competitors couldn’t resolve. When you work with us, you’ll have confidence in our advice, our services and the products we recommend, supply and use.


Personalised Service with Real Results

With the UmbrellaNET team, you’ll always know and feel that you’re important. Whether you represent a small business, a medium enterprise or a multinational, we’ll never lose the personal touch with you. We will always provide IT solutions that scale with your needs. You can trust us with everything from high-level security right down to setting up Microsoft Office365.


Systems & Software Solutions that Work

At UmbrellaNET, we’re proud to have a team that has worked with large IT and telecommunications companies and developed architectural frameworks across multiple nations. We bring Fortune 500 Technology to the SMB sector at a significatly affordable rate. One of our biggest achievements is working as equal partners with Cisco to develop the advanced DNS filtering protocol CiscoUmbrella. Yes, we’re right in the official name, holding equal billing to technology leader Cisco. You can be sure we’re proud to have earned our partner status with global companies like Cisco and Microsoft through our experience and expertise. And we’re just getting started…


Meet UmbrellaNET’s Key People

Scott Kilgour

Head of Cloud Tactical Assistance Centre

Nikolina Mašek

Executive Assistant

20+ Years Industry Experience

Partner With Us

A partnership with UmbrellaNET means safety, security and long-term reliability. At UmbrellaNET, we’re more than the software and services we provide. We’re adaptive, proactive and take our reputation as a trusted business seriously. With us, you'll worry less and do business better.