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UmbrellaNET is your trusted cyber security, cloud computing and IT support provider. We deliver comprehensive IT services that protect you through every cyber storm.

Only 5% of businesses are protected with sufficient cyber security

Are you concerned about cyber attacks?

Has your business information already been compromised? With cyber-attacks on the increase, you need to know that your sensitive information is secure. Did you realise that in 2019:

  • The global average cost of a data breach was US$3.92 million
  • It took an average of 206 days to identify a data security breach
  • On average, it took 314 days total to contain the breach after the fact


Of course, great managed IT goes beyond cyber security. By combining all IT services in one place, including cloud computing, hosted VoIP, advanced DNS filtering and more with your cyber security, you have the best chance to avoid becoming a cyberattack statistic.


World Class IT Services

When your core business includes sensitive information and requires a watertight IT system, UmbrellaNET is your trusted managed IT solutions provider.

We’re world-class providers of cloud computing and cyber security, accessible to you from our IT support headquarters in Brisbane.

The UmbrellaNET team can provide consistent support to your business, from high-level information security through to low-level resource set-up and IT management. 

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At UmbrellaNET, we  pride ourselves in offering the highest quality IT services to:

With an UmbrellaNET system, you’ll have the confidence your sensitive data is secure, that our team is on-hand when you need us and that we’re giving you the most competitive pricing.

Full Cyber Security Framework

Around whole IT infrastructure (website & back-end)

Secure Cost-Effective Cloud Computing

And full migration of on-premise data to secure cloud environment

Full Front & Back Office Integration

Managed in a secure environment

Full Integration Of Microsoft 365

Plus collaboration tools such as Sharepoint to improve productivity

Process Improvement

Throughout the business using automation

Premier Quality Telecom Services

To deliver tele-services and virtual assistants for your business

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Why UmbrellaNET?

Comprehensive & Secure Managed IT Solutions

Our team has long experience in protecting sensitive client data. We love what we do and we do it well. Our expert team at UmbrellaNET can test your existing system, find possible leaks and identify any compromised data. We’ll then ensure your system is watertight. Further, we combine all our cyber security expertise with all of our managed IT services. It’s a truly holistic package. 

Some of the industry-leading services UmbrellaNET provides include:

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Stop Worrying & Start Working

Don’t play with fate when your business data includes sensitive information. If you need immediate help with a data breach or virus or you’re after a watertight managed IT system, then contact UmbrellaNET today.

We’re competitive, customer-centric and results-focused.

Yes, we can help you straight away.

Work with a competitive full-service, managed IT provider

Our Expertise

Combine all of your IT services with one professional management team.  UmbrellaNET is a close-knit team of professionals who demand the best performance from their systems and take pride in offering service that’s second-to-none. With UmbrellaNET you’ll get:


Did You Know?

“In Australia, a personal data breach under the Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme of the Privacy Act 1988 results in a $1.2 million fine for every record breached. You can see that leading cyber security really is worth it.”

It 2007, it was estimated that a hacker attacked every 39 seconds globally. What’s the rate now?

Get immediate assistance with managed IT services. UmbrellaNET will be there.

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"We originally approached UmbrellaNET a year ago plagued with IT issues and serious security concerns. UmbrellaNET has worked closely with us to help us understand our environment. UmbrellaNET identified key security risks which they quickly addressed."

Dr Helen Kilgour

"UmbrellaNET conducted a complete assessment of our hardware and systems. They demonstrated their security expertise with a thorough report of our situation and a description of areas for improvement and steps to follow."

Dr Silvia Manzanero
Get ongoing support and secure your sensitive information with world-class cyber security from UmbrellaNET.

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