Our Services

Partner with a trusted local provider, specialising in managed IT, cloud computing and cyber security. At UmbrellaNET, we work with Australian and international businesses & enterprises to provide customised, reliable and scalable future-ready IT solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions ensure you will continue to do business without interruption while our IT infrastructure ensures you remain secure, productive and connected.

As well as being development partners with top vendors in the industry – including Microsoft and Cisco – we’re also experts in and certified resellers of the broadest array of world-class software solutions.

Full Cyber Security Framework

Around whole IT infrastructure (website & back-end)

Secure Cost-Effective Cloud Computing

And full migration of on-premise data to secure cloud environment

Full Front & Back Office Integration

Managed in a secure environment

Full Integration Of Microsoft 365

Plus collaboration tools such as Sharepoint to improve productivity

Process Improvement

Throughout the business using automation

Premier Quality Telecom Services

To deliver tele-services and virtual assistants for your business


UmbrellaNET’s Expert IT Portfolio

As a fully autonomous IT service provider, we have the flexibility to choose from the best software to suit your needs. Our managed IT services are designed to give your business, enterprise or organisation a flexible and fully-scalable product and service combination.

We’ll be there to support you today and still be there tomorrow as you scale – no matter how complex your needs become or how large your operation grows. It’s a commitment we take seriously.

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Cyber Security Services

From IT security and vulnerability assessments through to advanced cyber security consulting, UmbrellaNET does not miss a trick.

We supply, set up, configure and manage the most advanced cyber security solutions. Our systems have withstood cyber attacks that have crippled government departments here and abroad. Our systems work together to create a ‘net’ that tracks and identifies if, how and what has been illegally accessed.

You can trust us with cyber security for:

  • ransomware
  • virus protection
  • early detection
  • prevention of zero-day attacks
  • firewall management.

Above our comprehensive cyber security offering, we also provide a white-glove service if you do end up in the position of legally defending a data security issue.

Managed IT Services

Our support goes far beyond the initial supply, setup and config. Once you’re fully online, we stick with you. Our 24/7 onshore helpdesk can assist you with high-level consulting through to basic IT support.

Our team is on standby to help you with the usual (and unusual) network hardware setup and WiFi management issues, along with hardware and software support and setup for your:

  • desktops
  • servers
  • laptops
  • smartphones
  • peripherals
  • printers and scanners
  • data projectors
  • … and more.

Additionally, we’re available to perform software and system maintenance, patches, audits and updates. 

Promptly and expertly dealing with any of your IT queries is a core part of our commitment of ensuring you’re never left in a digital downtime ditch.


It consultant work with laptop in datacenter
Happy helpdesk operator consulting clients online


Voice & Specialised Services

Managed IT encompasses many different facets of your business, prominently including voice and video. Our team ensures your entire communication and data-exchange processes have stable service quality, security from attack and leading encryption. We cover technologies including:

  • VoIP
  • PBX
  • videoconferencing migration
  • management solutions
  • 1300-number managed services
  • Interactive Voice portal (IVR) design, deployment and management.

Additionally, our services can ensure correct Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) preparation and management. We can even set up internal security of your premises with surveillance (CCTV) deployment and management.

There is so much more we can do and so many options that it’s best to call us to learn the possibilities. Find out how our services and capabilities can uplift your business or organisation.

Billing and Accounting

At UmbrellaNET, we know the importance of budgeting and simplified billing and accounting. We can customise bills to your requirements, including granular billing with per-user costings and full-supply summaries.

We can work with any of your IT suppliers – encompassing hardware and software purchases, telephone and internet accounts and more – to provide you with one clear, concise and consolidated bill: 

  • Granular billing – with per-user breakdown available
  • Consolidated billing – including internet, phone, software and hardware purchases
  • Customised billing – include the service combination that’s best for you
  • Accounting services – transparent costing and tax obligations.


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To learn more about what UmbrellaNET can do for your business - and why we make IT easier - call 1300 702 720.
Comprehensive IT Solutions

UmbrellaNET Has You Covered

Our combined UmbrellaNET Managed IT Services are there to make IT easy. With comprehensive service packages and billing options through to fully customised solutions, we can adapt to suit your needs at any stage.

UmbrellaNET can handle every aspect of Managed IT, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. With us, business continuity for your IT systems is assured. You’ll weather cyber attacks, stay online, stay efficient and have access to 24/7 support all through one trusted managed IT services provider.