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When doing business means handling sensitive information, you need leading technology, software and systems on your side.

Working to secure your sensitive data

Key Industries

At UmbrellaNET, we take pride in providing the best managed IT, cloud computing and cyber security in the industry. We offer such reliability and seamless integration that you might forget we exist … if not for our proactive knowledge-sharing approach.

Medical & GPs

Financial Services

Legal Sector


Health & Telehealth


As an organisation in one of these categories, you’re in a unique position regarding the type of data you’re managing and the ramifications of a mishap.

That’s where we come in to provide you with protection and support, ensuring you can keep doing the life-changing work that you’re best at.

We cover:

Mission-Critical Industry IT Services

Your Data Is Our Business

When you’re dealing with highly sensitive information that can have financial or legal implications for third parties, you need to have reliable cyber security and cloud computing services.

At UmbrellaNET, we enable law firms and legal practitioners to perform seamless business transactions and conduct secure client communications.

With the high-stress responsibility of managing health, you need to be sure your clients’ data is secure and statistical results are carefully managed.

If you’re involved with managing the everyday care of your patients or you’re gathering data for clinical trials, UmbrellaNET combines cyber security, managed IT and cloud computing solutions.

Businesses and individuals put their trust in you and expect that their personal financial data is in safe hands and available long-term for any audits or records searches.

Knowing this, we provide customised support for your business needs. At UmbrellaNET, we combine technologies and systems to ensure your business has top-level cyber security, cloud computing and managed IT for safe, secure outcomes.

While you’re doing important community work in both Australia and globally, you need to have an IT system that works for you.

We understand the nuances of NFP organisations from a staffing and financial perspective and ensure your managed IT, cloud computing and cyber security package is supporting your organisation in the right ways. 


UmbrellaNET is on your side

When you have external organisations and people relying on you to provide the best, you need to work with a managed IT, cloud computing and cyber security provider that delivers the best. That’s where UmbrellaNET has you protected with word-class services and technology. We’re a highly skilled and internationally experienced team who knows what you need from IT. We can tailor packages that save you on unnecessary software while giving you maximum functionality and flexibility combined with unparalleled customer support.

To find out more about what UmbrellaNET can do for you – and how we make IT easier – call 1300 702 720. Your answers are waiting.